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Having written about consumer products and services for some time, Thoughtsgate has become a trusted source of information.

Ultimately, we want to help you live a healthier, smarter, and more fulfilling life. In addition to covering a wide range of topics, we always hire experts to write and edit everything we publish. It’s often the case that we ask professionals to review our reviews, guides, and features to ensure they are as accurate as possible. We can’t help you live better if we don’t get it right, and you’re less likely to trust our reviews if we don’t get it right.

Buying advice is at the center of our site, and we provide you with information about what you’re purchasing and the choices you have. As far as parting with your cash is concerned, you have more options than ever before.

Through our buying guides, we not only filter the best products and services for you, but we also break each one down in a detailed way. Besides providing you with general tips to help you make a buying decision easier, we also provide features around each topic to help you understand some of the more technical terminologies.

Our Workflow

In addition to writers and reviewers with specialized skills, we have a group of editors who have a deep understanding of all content areas. By monitoring trends, following industry news, rub elbows with thought leaders, and keeping an eye on the latest advancements in home, services, and technology, we choose which products to review and cover. In an effort to identify products and services that are worth noting, our Editorial team analyses the data they gather. Cost, availability, popularity, and other factors influence their decision. Sometimes, they’ll suggest a few dozen products; sometimes, they’ll suggest more.

After our reviewers have compiled the final list, they contact manufacturers to request samples or loaned products. It is the manufacturer’s belief in the quality of their product that makes them willing to provide samples – regardless of the possibility of a bad review. Our team heads to the store when a product sample is not available and shells out cash to purchase it.

Our Revenue Building Strategies

Thoughtsgate is known to provide a high-end customer experience. Integrity is a priority for us. Integrity is a priority for us. The product or service we recommended should satisfy you so you will return to Thoughtsgate next time.

Clicking a link and purchasing a product is what most of us make money from. In return for what you paid, we’ll be given a small fraction of what you paid in what is known as an affiliate fee. Due to the fact affiliate fees are largely standard, we won’t try to influence you to purchase any particular product or retailer over another. Getting you the right product or service is one of our top priorities. There is no effect on a product, service, or company’s review score caused by these methods of monetization. No matter what. A product or service may not be included for review if there is commercial funding or individual payment associated with it or if its content or score is changed for any reason. Ever.

A variety of revenue streams contribute to our business model, which includes supporting our staff, acquiring products for review, outfitting our offices with the best testing tools, and expanding our reach.

Disclosing Affiliate Links & Premium Advertising

Whenever possible, our journalists and writers create unbiased editorial content at Thoughtsgate. The money we make comes from a variety of sources, including salaries for our teams and the costs of our website. When you use affiliate links on retailer sites to purchase products or services, we receive compensation. Advertisements (paid editorial content) and sponsored content are occasionally published on our site. There will always be a clear distinction between editorial content and sponsored and promoted content.