How To Fix “Steam Quit Unexpectedly” Error On Mac?

How To Fix “Steam Quit Unexpectedly” Error On Mac?

Are you frustrated with steam constantly crashing on your Mac? Steam Quit Unexpectedly, errors can be annoying and make playing games impossible. Don’t worry; we have got the right solutions for you.

This guide will walk you through various techniques that should help you fix Steam Quit Unexpectedly on your Mac. Our step-by-step fixes are easy to follow and effective in solving the problem. With a little effort and patience, you’ll soon get steam running flawlessly on your Mac again!

We’ll also provide tips on preventing steam from crashing again. So even if steam keeps crashing on your Mac, there is no need to worry. Our comprehensive guide will show you precisely what steps to take for a smoother gaming experience. Let’s get started!

Fix Steam Crashes on Mac

How could you find the Mac Steam log file?

Are you a Steam user experiencing the dreaded Steam Quit Unexpectedly error on Mac? Where can you find the Steam error log? Look no further! 

Firstly, we’ll show you how to locate and view Steam crash reports in just a few easy steps. 

If steam or a Steam game keeps crashing and quitting randomly on your Mac, it can be frustrating to figure out what’s causing the issue. Fortunately, steam provides users with an easy way of getting more information about their crashes: the crash report. 

This report contains valuable information that can help diagnose and solve the problem. So if you’re looking for more clues as to why steam or your favorite Steam games keep crashing, the Steam crash report is a great place to start. 

Let’s look at how you can locate the Steam crash report in Mac Console.

Steps to find the Mac Steam log file:

  1. Click on the issue “steam_osx quit unexpectedly” log file.
  2. Tab on the “View details” to explore the crash log file further. 
  3. Locate or view the cause of termination or crash row, and you will find multiple rows with CODE SIGNING errors.
Locate or view the cause of termination or crash row, and you will find multiple rows with CODE SIGNING errors.

Suppose you cannot view any log file after steam and randomly face the issue of crashing on Mac. Then you can locate the log file in the console of Mac. 

  1. On the console system of Mac, open the “Finder”.
  2. From the Applications tab, click on the “launch console”.
  3. Check on the “Crash log file” in the utilities.
  4. Get the procedure for using steam.

When you select this Steam application, a complete crash record will open up in a new tab or window. If you need steam’s development team assistance, you may either scroll down to view the Cancellation Cause or send the file to them using the Mail program.

How To Fix “Steam Quit Unexpectedly” Error On Mac?

You can do these things if you continue getting the “Steam quit unexpectedly” or similar messages when you launch steam.

  • Reinstall steam after removing.
  • Disable your Bluetooth device.
  • SMC Reset
  • Turn off your antivirus program.
  • Mac OS X Upgrade/Downgrade

Reinstall steam after removing

Uninstalling steam from your Mac is an easy fix if it’s quitting unexpectedly. 

  • All you have to do is locate steam in the Applications folder and drag it to the Trash. 
  • After that, restart your computer before reinstalling steam. To do this, open steam’s official website, download the latest version of Steam for Mac and install it onto your Mac. 
After that, restart your computer before reinstalling steam. To do this, open steam's official website, download the latest version of Steam for Mac and install it onto your Mac. 
  • Once done, steam should be up and running without crashing randomly anymore! 

If issues persist after uninstalling and reinstalling steam, try other methods, such as verifying game files or deleting specific files manually from the Library/Application Support/Steam folder.

Disable your Bluetooth device

If you’re having trouble launching Steam on your Mac, one potential fix could be to turn off the Bluetooth connection. This can often interfere with steam’s startup sequence and cause it to crash unexpectedly. 

To do this, open up the menu bar in the top-right corner of your screen, then click “Turn Bluetooth Off.” Once you’ve done that, try opening steam again, it should work now! 

Remember to turn Bluetooth back on after steam is launched. Otherwise, your other devices may not be able to connect anymore. 

If the problem still exists after disabling Bluetooth, check the steam connect settings on your Mac.

  • Select the Apple icon on your Mac.
  • Click the Preferences button under the system.
  • The next step is to access the Privacy & Security settings.
The next step is to access the Privacy & Security settings
  • To enable steam, select the lock icon and choose the corresponding box.

SMC Reset

System Management Controller’s (SMC) primary responsibility is to control the core operations and activities of Macs. When there is any error or issue in the SMC, the Mac becomes overheated. As a result, the fans of SMC begin to run quickly and loudly, and steam crashes. 

M1 Mac does not have SMC, and the main reason is that the M1 chip performs all operations of the SMC chip. In case Steam quits unexpectedly on M1 Mac. Then you should shut down the computer and restart the PC 30 seconds later is equivalent to doing the SMC reset.

Different Mac models, especially those with a T2 chip or removable battery, require other procedures to reset SMC. 

For a MacBook with a built-in battery, follow these directions:

  1. Turn off your Mac.
  2. For 10 seconds, click and press Shift plus Control plus Option just on the left, and then the power button.
  3. Release the keys.
  4. To boot up your Mac, click the power switch.

Turn off your antivirus program

If you’re having problems with steam quitting unexpectedly on Mac, one thing you can also try is to turn off your antivirus program. Third-party antivirus software can sometimes mistake a safe document for a threat, which may be the case with steam. 

Turn off your antivirus program and rerun steam to see if that fixes the issue. If this doesn’t work, something else is likely going wrong, and more troubleshooting steps may be necessary. But turning off your antivirus program is an easy step that should help you figure out what’s happening!

Mac OS X Upgrade/Downgrade

If you find steam keeps crashing on Mac after a recent update to macOS, you can live with the problem. It’s possible to downgrade your Mac to run an earlier version of macOS. 

Mac OS X UpgradeDowngrade

To do this, go to Apple Option > Click on System Preferences > Tab to Software Update and select the option for “Downgrade” if available. This will let you install an earlier version of macOS that may better support Steam. 

Then restart your computer for the changes to take effect. You can also upgrade your Mac OS X if a newer version is available through the Software Update page. Upgrading may fix any compatibility issues between steam and macOS, so it’s worth trying both options.

How can you stop steam from crashing when you try to launch it?

Verify the current time and date

Verify the current time and date

If you’re having trouble getting steam to launch on your Mac, one of the first things to check is your date and time settings. Incorrect time and date settings can cause steam to fail during startup. 

To check this, open the Apple Icon > click on the System Preferences > Tab on the Date & Time. Make sure the date and time are correct for your current location and time zone.

 If any changes need to be made, select the lock icon at the bottom left of the window so that you can make those adjustments. Once you’ve confirmed everything is correct, relaunch steam and try again! Fixing this issue could get you back in the game faster than ever!

Problems with Steam updates and how to fix them

Problems with Steam updates, and how to fix them

Are you having trouble updating your Steam games? Problems with Steam updates are one of the most common issues faced by gamers. While it’s not entirely known what causes this issue, there are a few things you can do to get your Steam game back on track. 

  • One option is to reinstall steam entirely and start again from scratch. This will help clear out any corrupt files or settings causing the update problems. 
  • If that doesn’t work, try using a VPN when downloading updates for the game; this puts your computer in an anonymous network and helps protect it from viruses and malware that might prevent a successful download. 
  • Finally, if all else fails, contact Steam Support to resolve the issue. With these tips, you’ll be able to solve the problem.


In conclusion, Steam Quit Unexpectedly on Mac can be a frustrating issue to deal with. The good news is that there are several methods you can try to fix the problem. First, make sure that your operating system and Steam client are up-to-date. 

Second, check for any programs or processes running in the background that could interfere with steam’s performance. Finally, reinstall the game or reinstall steam if all other measures fail. 

Keeping in mind, these tips could help save you from future frustration when dealing with this error message. With a little effort and patience, you should be able to get back into gaming sooner rather than later!