How to See WiFi Password on iPhone

How to see wifi password on iPhone

The WiFi password is something that has to be entered just once on the device you are using. After that, it is the job of your device to keep that it will remember the password and automatically connect to your network whenever it detects the connected connection. 

It is very challenging to remember the password in a hectic life. The problem arises when there is a need to share the WiFi password that is stored on the iPhone you have with your friends. It’s possible that you’ll need to access and locate the forgotten stored password on the iPhone you have in this scenario.

You can recover the saved WiFi passwords on your iPhone, and then you can use those passwords to connect to other devices. Do you need to find out how to find the WiFi password iPhone? There is also a possibility that you have changed the password of your network or connection, you do not remember it, and now you would like to connect additional devices. 

In this guide, we will help you find the procedures necessary to retrieve a WiFi password from your iPhone.

How to find a WiFi password on iPhone?

Your iPhone always keeps all saved WiFi credentials or passwords in the iPhone’s operating system or the iCloud iPhone’s keychain. The iPhone’s operating system above, iOS 16, has the features to provide the option to see how to see the WiFi passwords on iPhone you have. 

As we have discussed and described above, using the keychain feature of the iCloud option, your iPhone automatically saves all your passwords on the iCloud. 

The major benefit of the automatic procedure of saving passwords is subsequently synchronized across all of your devices. The Keychain Access application on your Mac enables the users to view the WiFi passwords stored on the iPhone you have. This Mac application gives access to all of your stored passwords, including those for wireless networks. 

For this reason, it is compulsory for your iPhone and the Mac devices you are using to link into the same iCloud iPhone account for this to work. Then, the Keychain Access application of iCloud will be helpful to view your passwords. Now, in the next sections, we’ll discuss methods or the steps for viewing iPhone WiFi passwords. You can adopt one based on your requirements.

Retrieve the iPhone WiFi password using the router’s IP address

Whenever a requirement comes to check stored WiFi passwords on an iPhone, there is also a restriction to viewing these passwords. By default, iOS does not permit users to view passwords on the device.

To check the password on the iPhone, it is necessary for the user to first discover the router’s IP address, and then it becomes easy for the user to get access to the WiFi passwords saved on the iPhone.

In addition, it is necessary that your device be connected to the network whose WiFi password you wish to recover or view on the iPhone you have. This process will also allow you to quickly view the WiFi password on the iPhone you have.

  • Open the Settings application on the iPhone you have by clicking its icon that is available on the home screen.
  • When you go to the next screen, you have to tap the WiFi icon. After that, press the circle symbol next to the WiFi connection icon, and a screen appears that provides information about all your saved WiFi passwords.
  • The next step is to move to the DHCP tab. If you have not moved currently on the DHCP tab, you can easily locate it by scrolling down the iPhone screen that follows and tapping. This option will be available next to the word “router,” and you will see an IP address icon shown there. Make a note of the IP address somewhere since it will help you with the steps that come after this one.
  • Open the iPhone’s Safari browser, enter the IP address you previously copied, and then launch the browser.
  • The procedure to access or check the settings option available on the router, Firstly, you must mention both your login ID and the password for the router. Until you have modified or updated the router password, both the login ID and password sections available on the router should be visible or set to admin.
  • After the procedure of successfully logging in, the next is you will need to navigate to the option that is labeled as Wireless Settings and then press on that option. There is a possibility that this setting is referred to by a different name on your router; nonetheless, it will be something familiar, and you will not face any trouble during the procedure of locating it.
  • When you come to the screen where you configure your WiFi settings, there will be the option of “Wireless Setting” choose that option. After that, you’ll discover an icon that says “Security Key” on this particular page. It is the password for the WiFi connection that you are using. If you click on this icon, you will be able to see the password appear.

Finally, you have recovered the forgotten WiFi connection password of your iPhone. By entering the recovered password, you are now able to easily and directly link your other devices or mobile phones to the internet.

View or Recover Forgotten WiFi Passwords Of the iPhone Utilizing Keychain Application Of iCloud.

The Keychain application of iCloud works like a storehouse for the passwords you’ve selected to share on several devices. This application stores passwords or credentials for all of your WiFi connections, and you will be able to access these passwords on your Mac to view them. 

The below-mentioned steps will guide you on how to find WiFi passwords on Mac devices.

Integrate WiFi Passwords Using iCloud iPhone Keychain Application

The first thing you will have to verify or make sure that all of the passwords that you have saved on the iPhone you have are synchronized with the iCloud iPhone Keychain application. After doing so, you will finally be able to view the passwords stored on your device or Mac.

  • Open or click the Settings icon display at the bottom on the display of the iPhone, and click the available banner. You can see that on top of the screen with a user name, and after this, you can then pick iCloud iPhone from the menu.
  • On the display that appears, locate the option that is named Keychain and then click on it. It will grant you access to the settings options of your iCloud iPhone Keychain application.
  • To begin synchronizing to your credentials or passwords, you must first move the slider for the iCloud iPhone Keychain toward the ON state.

It will take your iPhone a few minutes or some time to complete the process of synchronizing your WiFi passwords. It is necessary to have some patience throughout this process.

Accessing the forgotten iPhone WiFi Credentials or Passwords Available On The Mac

You will need to open or click on the Keychain iPhone application available on your Mac to check or examine the passwords you’ve set up for your various accounts. The procedure described below will also assist you in determining how to find the WiFi password on your Mac device.

  • Firstly you have to access the System Preferences menu on your Mac and click the Apple logo that is located in the upper-left-hand corner of the display.
step 1
  • The next step you have to follow is to select the iCloud iPhone option to continue.
step 2
  • Within the iCloud application for Mac devices, there are a number of settings available that users have the authority to enable or disable the options. Ensure that the Keychain application option is always selected for the ON position.
step 3
  • Launchpad may be easily accessed from the Mac Dock application by first simply selecting it, then conducting a search for the Keychain Access application, and selecting it when it shows on display.
step 4
  • After the Keychain application is opened, simply go to the search window and enter the WiFi connection name before hitting the Enter key.
  • Now you have discovered the network on the Mac screen, give it a double tap when you get to it.
  • To access the WiFi password that you have saved on the device, go to the page after this one and select the tab to Display password icon.
  • You will be prompted to enter the password for your Keychain application. To finish the procedure, hit the OK button.
Step 6

Your screen must now display the password for the WiFi connection that you have selected. You have the option of either manually entering it on the device that you want to link to your WiFi connection or copying it to your notepad in the event that you wish to store it.

step 7


You can easily recover/recall all the passwords if they were stored on an iPad, iPhone, or Macbook device. Using the above methods will be very easy to recover a WiFi password that you have mistakenly changed or forgotten. 

You can also share the password for your WiFi network with any device by using the methods that have already been discussed. Apply the strategies and procedures exactly as they are outlined in the steps. After that, you will be able to recover the WiFi password of your network without any further action required. The extensive guide that we provided earlier will be of great use to you.