Lenovo IdeaPad L340- 15 Gaming Laptop Review

Lenovo IdeaPad l340- 15 Gaming Laptop Review

The Lenovo IdeaPad l340 is a stunning device famous as a gaming laptop. Its display is one of the product’s main characteristics and elements that set it apart from most of the competition. 

The IdeaPad l340 is a good option if you are searching for a cheap laptop that you can use for browsing and other everyday tasks.

The Lenovo Ideapad l340 is a more cost-effective option than the Thinkpad. Students who want to use a laptop for low-CPU-intensive chores like web browsing, Google Docs, and a few PowerPoint presentations prefer to get an Ideapad. 

It will also satisfy gaming needs as it is best for Gaming. If you want something quick but are leaning toward the IdeaPad models, choosing the Lenovo Ideapad l340 gaming laptop will be the best.

Features of Lenovo Ideapad l340

Features of Lenovo Ideapad l340

Choosing a new laptop might be challenging. You want something long-lasting that will continue to perform high over time. Additionally, you want a device that will run all your favorite games without faltering, even when you push it to the maximum. 

Many people consider integrating Lenovo goods into their company when looking for strong and affordable workstation solutions for staff. A list of features will help you to decide why you need a Lenovo Ideapad l340- 15:

Processor & RAM

Computers can perform tasks more quickly with more capable and modern processors. You may make your computer work and think more quickly by upgrading its processor. Lenovo Ideapad l340 provides the benefit of the best Intel Core i5 9th Generation processor that performs tasks quickly. 

RAM enables computers to carry out many routine operations, including opening applications, using the internet, editing spreadsheets, and playing the newest games. Lenovo Ideapad l340 has 8GB DDR4 RAM to easily manage routine work and games.



Battery timing is the main thing to consider when using the laptop for Gaming purposes. Lenovo Ideapad provides benefits in terms of long battery life. Lenovo’s laptop lasts 9 to 9.5 hours in the Laptop Battery Test, which requires continuous Wi-Fi browsing.

Expect the Ideapad l340 to take much less time if you play games instead of merely browsing the web or if the brightness is turned up. Actual results will vary depending on your system’s usage and settings.


Displays are challenging to explain and comprehend, but they can be measured. 

Lenovo Ideapad l340-15 display features a Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can easily see the details when you view any movie’s 1080p teaser. 

The Lenovo IdeaPad l340 15-inch display is best for Gaming to get the target easily and notice minor details in the video.



The first thing that attracts you is the design of the gadget. Everyone wants to have a gadget that makes them smart and updated. Lenovo comes with an attractive device in the form of Ideapad l340. 

The Ideapad l340 shines out from the blue sea of black or silver notebooks with its silver touches of white. The keyboard deck feels sturdy. 


The Ideapad l340’s strong speakers did a fantastic job of blasting music and filling a sizable conference room with sound, but the default sound settings on the notebook are not ideal. 

The speech in any movie trailer will be more audible with speakers, the bass is forceful, and the voice is strong and clear.



Lenovo has added a touchpad called a ClickPad in the Ideapad L340 15 gaming as an alternative to a mouse. This rattles anytime it is used because it quickly settles into its frame.

The Ideapad’s touchpad is a joy to use, quick and precise. It will follow your actions as you quickly and erratically move your finger across the touchpad. Additionally, the touchpad successfully recognized two-finger actions, including pinching, zooming, and scrolling.


The IdeaPad l340 is mostly used by casual users who use their laptop for low-performance tasks such as emails or google docs and only use their device for less than a few hours per day. 

But it’s also the perfect choice for game lovers who need the laptop 24/7. Here we have a list of pros that make Ideapad l340 best for regular usage for different uses:

Affordable for Everyone 

Lenovo is the best way to decrease tech specs on the Ideapad because it is designed for more casual laptop usage and comes in various versions. With the IdeaPad, quality is compromised for price. 

Versions of the Lenovo Ideapad are nearly identical to Thinkpad models but use less expensive cards and chips. This makes it the perfect laptop for individuals on a tight budget who require a laptop for work and Gaming.

Excellent Battery Life

There is a 3-cell, 45WHr battery inside the IdeaPad l340. The battery life is exceptional for a gaming laptop of this level, to put it mildly. With the CPU boosting at its maximum clock speed, you will get at least 9 to 9.5 hours of battery life out of this device, even while heavy tasks are running. Due to its amazing battery life, it is preferred by game lovers. 

Support Services

One of the greatest benefits of using the Lenovo gadget is its support system. When you are facing any issue, you have the support of a professional team. Just go to their website and enter the serial number of your gadget. 

You must enter your serial number to submit a ticket. Check to make sure the nation is right. Choose the Next option and enter the error code in the Diagnostic Code field if you used Lenovo Diagnostics and received one. Leave this field empty if not. You have to describe the problem in detail. When finished, click Next.

Backlit keyboard

The keyboard is even more visible thanks to the backlight’s illumination of the tiny area around each key. The majority of backlit keyboards let you change the degree of brightness. 

Most backlights produce white light. Even though some backlights emit other colours because they’re mostly found in gaming laptops. Lenovo IdeaPad comes with a backlit keyboard that makes use easy and fast.


The IdeaPad l340-15 Gaming laptop provides only the most essential ports, and they are all found on the laptop’s left side. A Thunderbolt port and a memory card reader are absent from the Lenovo; in their place, a USB Type-C port that supports the 3.0 standard is provided. 

There aren’t many expandability choices available right out of the box; upgrading nothing is necessary. That is, therefore, not at all a terrible thing.

Graphic Card

Even though the graphics card in this Lenovo IdeaPad L340 gaming laptop is not the absolute newest on the market, it performs well in benchmark tests and is praised for its great efficiency. 

Its 4GB of memory and ability to run most of the most recent games at maximum settings make it the ideal complement to Intel’s powerful CPU.


  1. No memory card reader
  2. Wi-Fi speed below average
  3. No HDD, just an SSD

How is the Lenovo Ideapad l340-15 best fit for Gaming?

How is the Lenovo Ideapad l340-15 best fit for Gaming?

One of the biggest international corporations in the world, Lenovo, makes premium laptops with gaming capabilities. Among many other rival brands, it successfully manages the business thanks to its top-rated gaming laptops

Gaming on a Lenovo laptop may be excellent. They provide a selection of laptops designed specifically to run various games. These models come with a tonne of RAM, cutting-edge processors, storage, and display features.

The Lenovo Ideapad l340 is a good option compared to other gaming laptops because of its cutting-edge processors and excellent graphics cards

It requires a great deal from its RAM and display. It is a high-resolution laptop that can be connected to an external monitor without affecting the visual quality of the gaming area. The great battery life and portability of the Lenovo Ideapad l340 make it the best choice for Gaming. 

A one-year warranty and complete technical and online support are included with every Lenovo product. External devices can be connected, and system settings can be modified to suit your requirements. 

Three portable USB data hubs are included with every gaming laptop made by Lenovo. It enhances your laptop gaming experience when a joystick or external monitors are used.


In this article, we have discussed a 15-inch screen that won’t break the bank. In terms of gaming laptops, the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 has many features that make for more fluid gameplay. This laptop enables you to play the most recent games without experiencing any problems.