Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition Review

Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition Review

The Alienware area51 Threadripper is undeniably a monster of a PC due to its very powerful processor and stunning visuals. The latest changes made Alienware’s area51 Threadripper the only major hardware company that offers the 1950X AMD Ryzen Threadripper.

This incredible gaming PC not only performs very well thanks to its cutting-edge hardware, but it also has a stunning aesthetic design. The quality of the Area51 Threadripper gaming desktop is not compromised in any way by the design of the product’s packaging.

Why It Isn’t Cheap?

The Alienware area51 Threadripper’s cutting-edge enhancements have made it a content creator’s and gamer’s dream machine. The improved version, though, seems to appreciate its value. The system’s remarkable capabilities don’t come cheap; the high price tag is an understatement.

If you’re a gamer who places a premium on visual and computational fidelity, you’ll love the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition. Those looking for a complete gaming setup will find the increased price tag justified.

This machine is a gaming powerhouse, and it can handle 4K gaming with ease. Regardless of how you manipulate it, it always produces high-quality results as a content generator.


Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition Configuration

The 12-core AMD Threadripper 1920X CPU that powers the Area-51 has a starting price of $2,699 (USD). It features a 3TB storage capacity split between a 1TB SSD and 2TB hard drive, with 32GB of RAM.

The Cinebench test result for this PC was 3,047, the best score we’ve ever seen. That is 1,973 points more than the Origin Neuron and 657 points more than the Velocity Micro Raptor Z95.

Efficiency and Software

An AMD CPU powers the Alienware desktop PC, which has a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 4.2 GHz and supports up to 16 cores and 32 threads simultaneously. 

A modern graphics card has adequate capability to work with any latest game in a 4K display as well as handle other demanding activities like wearing virtual reality headsets or high scan velocity displays. It has 64GB of RAM and a clock speed of 2,666MHz.

Gaming Beast

Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Gaming Beast

The Alienware Area 51 Desktop gaming Edition is an incredible gaming computer. Intense computing tasks are no match for the 8-core AMD Ryzen thread central processor. This system may play large-scale games with stunning detail in 4K.

It was not cheap, but it was not too expensive either. You can play any video game in the highest possible settings with no issues at all. With 2TB of hard drive space, you can easily keep all your games in their original packaging (with dual 512GB SSD).

Considering its storage capacity, you could install a full massively multiplayer online game without issue.


The 2018 Alienware Threadripper’s chassis consists metal body and molded plastic. The topic has evolved from its conventional rectangular form, yet it retains the same shape as earlier iterations.

With its RGB powered on, this powerful computer monster requires a big area to be handled confidently. The board’s top and bottom were stacked together to form a mountain range.

The Alienware Area51 Threadripper Edition doesn’t have a terrestrial design inspiration. Above each keyboard key is a logo glowing in the dark. The ability to adopt a new perspective is a positive outcome.

At night, the form of an office building is more apparent through its windows than its furnishings or ornamentation.

The Efficiency of the Alienware Area51 Threadripper

The Efficiency of the Alienware Area51 Threadripper

The Alienware Area-51 Threadripper Edition was developed especially for gamers. Every component was hand-picked to provide blistering speed and stunning visuals. 

The Alienware Threadripper Edition is your best option if you’re a gamer who demands the highest frame rate possible without lag. It’s a great way to immerse yourself inside the game as well as get a feel for what it’s like to play. 

A boosted AMD eight-core CPU is also included here, which can run to the maximum of 4.2GHz, making it ideal for intensive software like video editing functions or 3-dimensional modeling. 

You may use faster DDR4 RAM (up to 2400MHz) and more USB plug-ins and memory facilities thanks to the Intel X299 chipset. These advanced devices won’t become obsolete soon, so don’t worry about that. In addition, there isn’t a better gaming PC available.


The goal is to compare the output of a factory with that of the tremendous 5GHz Intel Core i9-7900X. To test the performance of the overclocked GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders, we relied on their battery of artificial benchmarks.

In addition to spending time with Ghost Recon Wildlands and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Exquisite degree of fineness at both 4K res and 1440 pixels. Because it is a pricey desktop, we anticipated excellent performance and found it spot on.

With all benchmarks combined, the Alienware area51 threadripper Edition maintained an average framerate of 60 fps. Only one resolution standard, however. When playing at 4K res and maximum settings, GTAV averaged between 81 and 86 frames per second.

All games, excluding GTA V, averaged between 84 and 104 frames per second, making it even more astounding (which averaged slightly above 40). Depending upon the GPU one have, your results may vary.

Storage Space

Storage Space

HDD can store a maximum of 2 TB of data, while solid-state drives may reach as high as 960 GB. The PCI-E card just slides into the slot, so there’s no need to consider fitting it. Typically, fluid cool down is employed for these devices.

Two suspension fans are commonplace in air-cooled layouts. Two heat exchanger fans and a single variable-speed blower are dedicated to keeping the video cards cool.

The most recent chassis furthermore has a 3rd, variable-speed blower for thermal management of the central processing unit. It comes with two USB 3.1 Gen 1 plug-ins.

Audio jacks and four USB 3.0 plug-ins are on the PC’s rear. There are two USB 2.0 plug-ins and a switch button on the front of the computer. Indicator LEDs for when the computer is powered off or on.


Among the greatest computers available, it can easily do any job. There are 12 threads and 6 cores in this machine. So it’s no problem at all to run a CPU-intensive program like a video processing application or a video game.

Whether you’re a gamer or need a robust tool for creating videos, you’ll find everything you need here. The Alienware area51 threadripper is your only realistic option. Powered on an AMD Ryzen area51 threadripper 1950X.

Although costly, this is only the best option if you need premium functionality without breaking the bank. It has 64GB of DDR4 RAM and dual SLI graphics cards (two Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti). Two 3TB hard disks are included in this package.

This system can play any game at the highest possible settings with no problems at all. It works well with VR games too. Affordability and strength, all at a fair price.

You shouldn’t have trouble finding what you’re looking for with Dell’s Alienware Area 51 Gaming Desktop.

Extremely Steady and Under Control

The test system ran well and without interruption during all trials and testing. The central and graphics processing units continue to perform splendidly and steadily, even under extreme stress.

The motherboard and framework are illuminated with 16.8M customizable RGB lighting colors. Breathing rhythms or a rhythmic pattern similar to the one being played. In a low-lit gaming area, it looks just great.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to utilize it as an actual light source on my daily commute. This would make the whole world my treasure. However tongue-in-cheek it may seem, they were two clever extras on an already excellent personal computer.

Because you’d have to spend $5,000 to get these upgrades elsewhere, this is good news. AMD’s mid-range processor’s hefty pricing could put off some gamers.

With AMD’s latest Alienware Area51 Threadripper, though, the price tag would be justified.


As with the Alienware Aurora R5, upgrading the Area-51 requires little additional hardware. Clients need just unlock the expansion slots, wind a few thumbscrews on the GPU support part, and upgrade or install a new graphics card.

Capacity fills in the blanks, and memory links up solidly. Unexpectedly, the water-cooling segment draws attention to thumbscrews.

Simply a screwdriver is all needed to swap out the power supply, which shouldn’t be a problem for those who sprang for the extreme 1,500-watt PSU.

No Matter What! It Stays Cool

No Matter What! It Stays Cool

In other words, you can out-hot it. Blow that to smithereens! The Alienware Advanced Liquid Cooling system is the best liquid cooling solution, with the highest-quality Virus copper plates and a 120 x 120 x 48 mm radiator.

Incredible in its Efficiency

The liquid that flows from the Split Flow Copper CPU block is cooled by a radiator equipped with a simple fan. Its double earthenware bearing, sturdy nylon tubing, and 2850RPM siphon cycle also have Alienware’s quietest siphon. Voltage regulators and chipsets have passive heatsinks built in, ensuring your system will never overheat, even when overclocked.

User-Friendly Design

User-Friendly Design

The user-friendly interface streamlines gaining access to game data by coupling the various framework settings with a gaming library. The war room provides easy access to your games from any location and the flexibility to customize the experience for every player. Create a unique profile for your game, which will always be sent precisely as you’ve configured it.


  • Superb, Mind-Blowing Scheme
  • Quality of Form That Cannot Be Shaken
  • Powerful Threadripper CPU with 16 cores
  • Two GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards.
  • There is no lag or hiccup in the continuous 4K engagement.
  • Superb use of several threads at once.
  • Flexible landing gear.
  • Effective, quiet cooling.


  • A distressing interior that calls for flexibility
  • In almost all cases, other computers will perform faster.
  • When components are in a state of agitation, the sound is audible.
  • More expensive than the competition.
  • We need Thunderbolt 3 for USB-C.


Our tests have shown the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition to be the most powerful gaming PC we’ve ever tested. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X desktop is not for everyone due to its high price and complexity.

If you’re a gamer who dreams of becoming a streaming superstar on platforms like YouTube or Twitch, this gear is for you. Since Threadripper was built for multitasking at extreme levels, it can play, record, stream, and simultaneously encode video.

Aside from the Threadripper Edition, Area 51 is a beautifully crafted and highly modifiable PC platform, although at a high price. You should check it out since there aren’t many pre-built gaming PCs that are as nice or as readily extendable as this one.

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