Raycon Earbuds Review

Raycon Earbuds Review

Raycon earbuds have received massive appreciation and support from significant figures from renowned streaming platforms such as YouTube. This has only led the viewers with questions if these earbuds are worth their money and whether they are superior to other genuine wireless earphones to purchase.

Raycon, a brand of modern audio equipment developed by Ray-J, is promoting and marketing its products similarly to Beats. Numerous famous people and figures have promoted Raycon products, especially the Raycon E25 genuinely wireless earbuds.

We’ve heard good things about Raycon earbuds on different platforms and by different individuals. Raycon has introduced four different earbuds apart from Raycon’s other headphones; 

  1. Raycon’s Everyday Earbuds, 
  2. Raycon Fitness Earbuds, 
  3. Raycon Gaming Earbuds, and
  4. Raycon Work Earbuds Classic.

The following article will discuss the earbuds mentioned above, and we will also share the Raycon earbuds review. It will be reviewed to help an individual decide which of these four Raycon earbuds suits his needs better and whether the investment is worth the shot. 

1. Raycon Everyday Earbuds

Raycon Everyday Earbuds

2019 saw the release of the newest model in Raycon’s E25 range. The Raycon E25 Everyday Earbuds offer many excellent features despite yet being affordably priced. It plays music over several hours and keeps its position regardless of even its most aggressive moves. 

Therefore, the Raycon Everyday Earbuds are suitable for working out because they are comfortable and remarkably lightweight.

Five ear tip sizes, a wireless power case, reliable audio options, good Bluetooth connectivity, and a bass-heavy beat are among the features of everyday earbuds.

Noise cancelation and sound quality

There is not any active noise-canceling technology in these earbuds. The Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds do not include noise cancellation. However, they have an installed microphone facilitating calls.

These earbuds significantly boost the bass and peak harmonics. Cymbals and the bulk of musical sounds will also be enhanced. On the contrary extreme, harmonics, piano, synthesizers, strings, vocals, and strings would all suffer significant damage.

Measurements and weight

Measurements and weight

These earbuds are compact, discrete, and also fit pleasantly and securely, so you won’t have to check your ears to ensure they’re still in. The Raycon Earbuds measure 2.1 x 0.16 x 2 cm in total.

In order to save space, Raycon created extremely compact earbuds. These earphones are exceptionally light, weighing merely four grams. For all those seeking a pair of earphones that hardly exist, Raycon Everyday Earbuds are recommended.

Battery capacity and listening duration

These earbuds typically provide only six hours of listening when performing at maximum volume. It could last for up to eight hours at half volume.

These earphones have a battery life that ranges from six to eight hours when fully charged. Three extra charges from the charging case allow you up to 32 hours of listening time before you are required to re-charge your earbuds. The earbuds require at least 60 minutes to be charged thoroughly.

Design and style

Design and style

One hardly even notices they are wearing the Raycon E25 Everyday Earbuds, given that they are practical as lightweight as a feather. These earbuds offer an ergonomic shape and IPX4 protection, making them resistant to water as well.

The Raycon E25 Earbuds are pretty strong but do not have a big appearance or sensation. The headphones feature a sleek, shiny appearance that gives users a fashionable appearance. There are four color options for the Raycon E25, and these colors include rose gold, blue, red, and black.

Control features

Each feature can be fully controlled with the Everyday Earbuds simultaneously. Users could customize the volume without touching your device, regulate playback and song skipping, switch through three audio settings, enable Awareness Mode, and accept or decline calls.

Bluetooth and Connectivity

raycon everyday earbuds Bluetooth and Connectivity

Raycon Everyday Earbuds have been designed for a reliable connection with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Bluetooth connection is quick and simple. Both Android and iPhone devices are supported with Raycon earbuds. Even while you’re exercising, connecting the device and earbuds is simple.

Reliable connectivity is guaranteed by the Raycon E25 rock Bluetooth 5.0. In terms of Bluetooth codecs, the Raycon E25, like most genuine Bluetooth earbuds, primarily provides SBC and AAC.

The Raycon E25 does not feature Bluetooth multipoint. In other words, users need to manually alternate between connecting the earbuds to different devices because they can only link a single device at a time.

Pros and Cons


  • Adaptable modern design for almost every ear size.
  • Three audio configurations are included for greater adaptability.
  • Durable and lasting battery.
  • 12 months of earbud and charging case guarantees from the maker.
  • Gel ear tips are gentle and intended for extensive wearing.


  • No application would offer additional features and customization. 
  • The bass dominates the audio quality.
  • Active noise reduction is lacking.

2. Raycon Fitness Earbuds

Raycon Fitness Earbuds

Raycon Fitness Earbuds True Wireless often referred to as the Raycon E45, are earbuds explicitly designed for athletes. They do not include a companion app. However, they do feature three built-in EQ presets. They offer an IPX7-certified design that is comfortable, durable, and strong enough to withstand submersion in water.

The Raycon Fitness earphones’ operation is somewhat different. Before actually using them, you must follow the guidance because the left and right earbuds have different control features.

The fit of the Fitness Earbuds 

With an IPX7 standard, the Fitness true wireless earbuds are ideal for workouts at the gym. The earbuds have more stabilizer fins, unlike Raycon’s other variants, which helps them remain in your ears securely. These are known as the ‘Custom Ear Stabilizer Hooks’.

Control options

Raycon Fitness Earbuds Control options

Users can double-tap to stop or play the music, triple-tap for changing songs, or quadruple-tap for accessing a voice assistant. Volume is divided between both pairs.

Battery life

Long exercises wouldn’t be a problem for its 10.4-hour uninterrupted battery life, and users of the charging case will have access to about five more charges.

Pros and Cons

Raycon Fitness Earbuds Pros and Cons


  • They are compact, lightweight, and offer secure and comfortable wear.
  • Good construction with IPX7 accreditation for water resistance.
  • They have three EQ presets built into them.
  • Additionally, include five sets of various-sized ear tips with four stability fins of different sized.
  • 10.4 hours of uninterrupted battery performance.


  • The audio might sound quite muddy, abrasive, and stinging due to the overemphasis on the bass and treble frequencies.
  • Missing noise cancellation technology and have trouble muting most noises.

3. Raycon Gaming Earbuds

Raycon Gaming Earbuds

Raycon Gaming Earbuds are wireless earbuds equipped with a mic explicitly designed for gaming, allowing you to communicate to your audience and teammates while making your rivals quiver in fear. The earbuds use True Wireless Stereo innovation for the more excellent quality of music and communication, and they are IPX5-rated for sweat tolerance.

These gaming earphones were constructed with a battery life that would last up to 31 hours in the account, making them ideal for people who play prolonged games. Extremely Low Latency is a feature that the Raycon Gaming Earbuds ought to have to ensure users can hear the audio without being distracted while watching.

Features of the Raycon Gaming Earbuds

Features of the Raycon Gaming Earbuds

Raycon gaming earbuds are equipped with the features that are listed below:

Bluetooth uses True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology to provide a cordless experience.

  • Use the left, right, or both earbuds to hear or communicate.
  • Numerous Bluetooth-enabled gadgets are compatible with it, and the pairing is simple.
  • Wireless connectivity of up to 33′ is offered. 
  • The HyperSync low latency option in fast-action gaming reduces lag and ensures you react rapidly.
  • To continue operating throughout intense, sweat-inducing battles, IPX5 water-resistant is what comes into action. 
  • 3 distinct audio settings that suit your gameplay requirements.
  • 3.5 additional charges are provided by the charging case, providing up to 31 hours of continuous use.
  • Fast Charging technology enables a speedy 10-minute recharge to last up to 90 minutes of gaming.



One major drawback is that the Xbox One game console is incompatible with Raycon Gaming Earbuds. This is because Microsoft offers its very own exclusive innovation Xbox Wireless.

4. Raycon Work Earbuds Classic

Raycon Work Earbuds Classic

Raycon The Work earbuds are unquestionably the priciest model available from Raycon. The only earphones with noise cancellation technology and stems to genuinely resemble AirPods are these pair. 

The product comprises five pairs of gel tips plus three pairs of memory foam tips to ensure that your ears remain comfy after prolonged usage. This feature works in helping an individual make clear calls without interruption. 

To simplify an individual’s experience in the office, the Work Earbuds Classic has a range of features. 


The six microphones in each of these tiny, portable earphones allow for crystal-clear transmission on business calls.

Battery performance

The 32-hour battery performance of the Work Earbuds is provided together with a charge cord, inductive charging case, and lanyard. These earphones have a contemporary design and come in rose gold and carbon black tones. 

Awareness mode

Ideal for crowded open offices, you can use Awareness Mode to monitor your surroundings and use active noise cancellation technology to shut out disturbances.



The goal of noise canceling innovation is always to eliminate background noise to improve concentration. However, it is extremely expensive for its high level of accuracy. The brand-new Raycon earphones are among the first to provide cutting-edge noise cancellation technology at a reasonable cost.


  • Some customers have expressed concern that, particularly during telephone conversations, the audio isn’t quite as loud as it should be.
  • The cost of the Raycon Work Earbuds Classic is comparatively higher than many others.


Purchasing Raycon earbuds seems to be a reasonable choice. 

The earbuds comfortably fit and come with an IPX4 or IPX7 grade certification, making them resistant to water. 

Customers frequently compliment Raycon earbuds and earbuds for having sharp and clean audio for both music as well as a phone conversation.

Users have given Raycon earbuds and headphones positive reviews, and they come with distinctive features, including waterproofing and vibrant voice engineering.

But on the other hand, some users have reported having problems with the connectivity of the earbuds with their devices. Similarly, even though the audio performs quite decent but one has to have a pair that seems to be a perfect fit to get that fantastic bass response performance. 

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