Monster Hunter World Weapons Tier List

Monster Hunter World Weapons Tier List

Introduction to Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier Lists

When playing a game, the weaponry design is one of the most crucial factors that can significantly impact the outcome. Because it provides players with their own distinct experiences, the weapon’s design plays a significant part in the overall success of the gamer. The most remarkable weapon designs you can find in Monster Hunter. Players can have access to high-quality weapon designs through this website.

Monster Hunter World is a popular action role-playing game created by Capcom. In the game, players take on the role of a hunter who must hunt down monsters in various environments.

The game is known for its vast array of weapons and armour, each with unique stats and abilities. With so many weapons to choose from, it can take time to decide which ones are the best. Many players rely on Monster Hunter World weapon tier lists to help them decide which weapons to use.

Understanding the MHW Weapon Tier List

Understanding the MHW Weapon Tier List

The MHW weapon tier list breaks down into several tiers, with S being the highest tier and D being the lowest. The tier list is broken down into several tiers. The most potent weapons are on the highest tier, and the weakest in the lowest tier. The tiers are usually represented with a number or letter, such as S, A, B, C, etc.

  • The S tier consists of the most potent weapons in the game. These weapons are potent, versatile, and often the best choice. Some of the weapons in the S tier include the Great Sword, the Long Sword, the Switch Axe, the Light Bowgun, and the Heavy Bowgun.
  • The A tier consists of powerful but less powerful weapons than the S tier. These weapons are usually good choices for most situations. But these weapons are less effective against certain monsters or in specific game modes. Some weapons in the A tier include the Hammer, the Dual Blades, the Hunting Horn, the Lance, and the Gunlance.
  • The B-tier consists of decent but less powerful weapons than the A-tier ones. These weapons are suitable for beginners or specific game modes. But these weapons are less effective against more powerful monsters. Some of the weapons in the B tier include the Sword and Shield, the Insect Glaive, the Charge Blade, the Bow, and the Gunner Weapons.
  • The C tier consists of the weakest weapons in the game. These weapons could be more powerful and may be challenging to use effectively. Some of the weapons in the C tier include the Dual Blades, the Hunting Horn, the Bow, and the Gunner Weapons.

Best Weapons in Monster Hunter World

So, which weapons are the best Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List? Well, that depends on your playstyle and the monsters you’re fighting. Generally speaking, the weapons in the S tier are the best in the game, while the weapons in the A tier are good choices for most situations.

The Great Sword is one of the best weapons in the game due to its high damage output and ability to hit multiple targets. The Long Sword is also great; it has severe damage and good range. The Switch Axe is another good option, as it is versatile and can switch between two different forms.

The Light Bowgun and the Heavy Bowgun are great for ranged combat, as they have high damage output and can hit multiple targets. The Hammer is another good choice for close-range combat, as it has high damage output and can knock back monsters. The Dual Blades are also a good choice, as they have high attack speed and can hit multiple targets.

S -Tier Weapons List – Heavy Bowgun

S -Tier Weapons List - Heavy Bowgun

The Heavy Bowgun is a wide weapon that has little flexibility. However, due to its high potency and simple clamp, it has become the go-to option for serious MHW gamers. Whenever hunting as part of a group, the Heavy Bowgun is incredibly helpful and performs strategically. Its tremendous Damage can knock opponents unconscious, allowing your squad to finish them off.

The ability to swing among an attacking and methodical play style is made possible by the game’s vast array of bullet types, each of which deals a distinct destruction. In contrast towards the Light Bowgun, this bullet deals significant damage. 

Players can also employ a shield to take incredible damage, although its flexibility has always been its primary weakness. You can move through the battlefield like a warrior while simultaneously shooting special and regular bullets. Visitors can also employ this weapon to mount enemies and engage in close combat with them, although doing so is not the best use of your time, given that shooting from a respectable range can accomplish the same goals in much less time.

Gaining the advantage over monsters and inflicting significant harm can be accomplished by studying the weaknesses of each creature and using ammunition that is efficient towards them.

S -Tier Weapons List – Dual blades

S -Tier Weapons List - Dual blades

Dual blades are the quickest weapon found among the fourteen different kinds of weapons, in contrast to other Hunkey weapons suitable for MHW’s circumstances. Players can easily slice past enemies while still having sufficient time to escape safely, thanks to the most significant attack speed available. Because of this, most novices opt for the Dual Blade rather than other chunkier weapons.

Players utilizing Dual Blade have the power to adopt a monster state, which causes them to take additional damage, the amount of which continues to increase until they achieve the arch-demon configuration. 

This red bar underneath the endurance bar indicates that you’re currently inside the arch-demon state. Once you have filled the red bar, you will be able to conduct the furious attacks, which deal enhanced harm after each hit.

The Dual Blade is indeed a lethal weapon that can perform a large number of combinations. You can run, speed, and avoid being hit by monsters, although you will not be allowed to defend against their attacks because you cannot choose to use shields. To become proficient with Dual Weapons, you won’t need to practice blocking because you’ll always avoid attacks. Ensure to sharpen your double weapon frequently with Wheatstone, as repeated usage can damage it to become less effective over time.

S -Tier Weapons List – Great Sword

S -Tier Weapons List - Great Sword

A type of weapon ranked just on the S tier as they deal an enormous level of damage, which compensates for the fact that they attack more slowly. Veterans of the game can use their powerful attacks practically by paying close attention to the movement patterns of monsters and assaulting them there at optimal timing.

You have access to various powerful combinations that you may utilize upon enemies, especially charge techniques. Charge weapons are difficult to use efficiently in combat since they take time and expertise. 

Still, when you have mastered charging weapons, you will find that they allow you to inflict considerable harm even to powerful enemies. In that case, you can always try to make a tackle while you’re charging the opponent.

The Great Sword deals with the most damaging of each significant weapon throughout MHW. This slow movement can create a frustrating experience, which is why timing your attacks and becoming familiar with the monsters’ behaviors is highly recommended.

B-Tier Weapons List – Insect Glaive

B-Tier Weapons List - Insect Glaive

A fantastic weapon that allows players to ride creatures while also permitting them to perform airborne strikes. Another exciting and valuable feature is the bug, which you can use to minimize injury. It can also assist the player in improving their defensive capabilities in addition to their quickness and ability to recover. All those little critters are known as insects and can be deployed.

Hunters can conduct several combinations with the Insect Glaive. Moreover, it is best to get a firm grasp on the fundamentals of the weapon first. The Kinsects, which come with various benefits, make the Insect Glaive a one-of-a-kind weapon. It has a wide variety of Kinsects, each with a distinctly unique set of powers, speeds, and collecting abilities.

When you attack a Kinect creature using the weapon, it will collapse and leave behind a dusty cloud inside the targeted region. Additionally, several status conditions will be applied towards the monster.

Compared to the other two types of ranged weapons, a Light Bowgun offers the most compact option. Compared to the heavy form of the Bowgun, the Light Bowgun trades off hard-hitting bullets for a higher fire rate. It also improved mobility, which makes appropriate trade-offs for light and compact weapons.

B-Tier Weapons List – Light Bowgun

B-Tier Weapons List - Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun’s attack pattern entails a series of bursts of shots rather than combinations. You can also use a wide variety of condition impacts, just like you would with several traditional ranged weapons. 

These abilities include poison, immobilization, scorching, freezing, and numerous others. You can modify Light Bowgun and deliver a range of effects catered to your particular play style. 

This weapon falls into the B-tier category despite its high rate of fire since it has a higher recoil and a lower ammo capacity than other weapons in its class. The bowgun is an option for all shooters who desire the ability to maneuver while maintaining their range and the flexibility to tailor their weapons according to individual preferences.

C -Tier Weapons List – Sword and Shield

C -Tier Weapons List - Sword and Shield

Beginning adventurers unfamiliar with various weapon categories can benefit from Sword and Shield. Compared to today’s highly complicated weapons and accessories, the sword and shield hold their own with fewer combinations and perform necessary knowledge.

The sword and shield are unique weapons that allow you to utilize various items while fighting. When you are armed with this weapon, you also have access to a slingshot that you can use to fight enemies. 

Even though shields can mitigate a proportionate level of destruction, they are designed to be used offensively and have fast strikes. You can inflict cut damage and a direct attack on enemies; however, you should keep a close check on the sharp glance because its sharpness will diminish much more rapidly than all similar weapons. Whenever you notice that the stone’s quality is beginning to decrease, you should switch to using moistened stone.

C -Tier Weapons List – Lance

C -Tier Weapons List - Lance

The lance is a sluggish yet powerful weapon with a super-sized shell that can deflect many attacks. When using other weapons, a bearer must move about and avoid to improve their damage output; however, using a lance requires the user to hold their ground and charge on using your tool.

The lance may be used for defense or attacking purposes, ranging from the strength shield posture to the charging thrust; nevertheless, the lance’s primary objective is to accomplish your goal correctly. 

When confronted with brutal monsters, utilizing reverse energy and charging techniques at optimal timing can significantly impact the outcome.

Lances aren’t as fun to use in battle; however, when a player masters them, they can be highly effective.

C -Tier Weapons List – Hunting Horn

C -Tier Weapons List - Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is a valuable weapon for squad players due to its assistance qualities. This Hunting Horn differentiates from various types of weapons in that it utilizes notes to create combos, enhancing the amount of harm dealt by merging each note.

In addition to the actual music sounds, which are presented just on the top edge of the interface when you are forging Hunting Horn, the building is numerous other aspects that you should stay focused on in the game. Getting a handle on all these different sounds feel overwhelming, yet doing so will lead to more gaming.

B-Tier Weapons List – Gunlance

B-Tier Weapons List - Gunlance

Gunlance is indeed a type of weapon, but rather than having a regular weapon, it has a gun connected to it. This pistol can shoot flashes of shotgun shots, providing players to blast through even the most demanding boss shell. In addition to the many kinds of shells, multiple firing mechanisms exist. 

The three varieties of shells are regular, extended, and broad. Gamers can apply standard shells for most munitions, while hard shells offer the most incredible range. Players can absorb any harm using their cover due to the big soldering guns at their disposal. 

It is not necessary to avoid roll to avoid the assaults of foes because Gunlance has the capacity to both attack and safeguard, including its concrete shell.

A-Tier Weapons List – Long Sword 

A-Tier Weapons List - Long Sword 

Because of its high speed and impressive range, the Long Sword is a fantastic monster hunter weapon recommended for gamers just starting. If a player can execute a string of sequences while engaged in combat, they can do significantly more damage to their foes. However, mastering multiple combinations will take some work.

Spirit Gaze seems to be a capability that Monster Hunter can employ, and its power level increases with every regular shot that seems to be completed. The different intensities available are the spirit gaze’s levels. When the spiritual focus is at maximum capacity, gamers can engage in spirit combinations. It helps players deal with even more devastation. Gamers can also continue building up their spirit combos.

The ability to use new creation pairings helps you into the skies and deal with ground impact devastation. This feature will become available once you show spirit vision. A fantastic weapon for gamers who wish to become proficient in the strikes that Long Sword Weapons offer.

A-Tier Weapons List – Bow 

A-Tier Weapons List - Bow 

A bow is a weapon designed for gamers in the monster hunter rise weapon tier list who prefer a more passive approach to combat by raining arrows down on their enemies. Players will always have arrows when using the Bow in MHW is among its many benefits. 

Beginners also feel enjoy with using a bow as their primary weapon. However, if beginners want to become experts, they’ll need to study maximum energy coating, range, and adversary kinds.

Additionally, the Bow has various strikes in addition to charging, both of which consume energy. Dragon Percer technique players can activate with the Bow. Although it requires longer to prepare, it causes a significant level of harm when it does. 

Before attempting this particular strike, check to see that you are located at an appropriate range from the target. When you’re shooting only with the L2 trigger, players additionally possess the choice of side-stepping, which is accomplished by hitting your Arrow buttons. 

When enemies are carrying out attacks, this tactic has the potential to be remarkably efficient. You can either jump onto them to inflict more injury through melee combat or use a fast arrow if you can successfully avoid their strikes. The bow is an excellent long-range weapon that provides a respectable degree of damage without limiting its user’s ability to move freely.

A-Tier Weapons List – Hammer

A-Tier Weapons List - Hammer

Using a hammer is more fun when you can see how much damage it does to your enemies. Hammers, on the other hand, have more blunt impacts. Therefore, they have a higher rate of stagger in the monster hunter rise weapon tier list. This stagger gives them an advantage over big swords. In addition, you are free to walk around while filling Hammer strike and execute whenever the situation calls for you. 

Because it does not contain any particularly complicated combinations, the Hammer is among the most user-friendly weapons in the game. Gamers can choose between using their usual technique or a loaded attack as a modification. 

Players can perform five floor-beat attacks with their Hammer when they complete the challenge presented by a screaming monster. One of the most damage and knockdown effects players can achieve using the floor smash hammer.

Hitting O can give the weapons a temporary boost when you’re charging since the Hammer has a relatively low reach but a stunningly rapid rate. Because of its speed, when recharging, the Hammer can inflict a significant degree of destruction upon monsters and stunning them, allowing other team members to deal further destruction.

A -Tier Weapons List – Switch Axe

A -Tier Weapons List - Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is a fantastic weapon for gamers who prioritize strong effectiveness and excellent reach. The capability of a weapon can transform between an axe, which typically provides leads, and a blade, which provides better harm, makes it Transform Weapon a versatile weapon.

It is crucial to remember that moving to Axe mode grants you better flexibility than changing to Sword style, allowing you more time to escape from harm. Attacking with an axe not only deals with environmental harm but also refreshes the switch vision, which may be utilized while changing toward a sword and obtaining entry toward that weapon’s environmental damage.

Even during the combination, hitting triangles and circles will allow players to conduct component discharging when they have a sufficient amount of switch glance. It will cause component outbursts, devastating any close monsters.

If you’re familiar with charge blades and want to try something new, swap axes are a great option because they present a similar challenge without being quite as demanding as power blades.

A-Tier Weapons List – Charge Blade

A-Tier Weapons List - Charge Blade

If you want to do severe destruction using a Charge Blade, you must take the time and effort to master this weapon. Users who play the game for a long time will learn that this mhr greatsword builds a weapon that is easier to use than it may initially appear. When used together, a sword and shield form a charge weapon, making them both viable options throughout this weapon.

When players hit R2 and the triangle button simultaneously, the sword and shield can combine into a single massive axe, including an expanded striking range. If you press the circle button while you are in hammer shape, the creature can receive an electric attack which significantly affects their staggering.

For a limited time, the user can increase their sword’s effectiveness if they charge their blades. Players can also unleash an atmospheric action like an accelerated component explosion, a super accelerated component disposal, or a compressed component cut.

The charge blade is one of its unique weapon tiers, giving an experienced player a compelling charge and considerable damage. For those who are just starting, we recommend learning the basic combos first. After that gamers can move on to start charging techniques with both the weapon plus the additional combos.

Lost Ark DPS Meter

Lost Ark DPS Meter

The Lost Ark DPS Meter is a tool that gamers can use to measure the damage output of their weapons. The tool is a great way to get an idea of which weapons are the most powerful, as it measures the damage output of each weapon over a certain amount of time.

The Lost Ark DPS Meter allows you to compare two weapons and see which one is more powerful. It also allows you to compare your weapons to other players, showing how they stack up against theirs.

The Lost Ark DPS Meter is an excellent tool for finding the best weapons in Monster Hunter World. It can help you determine which weapons are the most powerful and which may be better suited to certain situations.

How to Choose the Right Weapon for Your Playstyle

Finding the monster hunter world longsword to build a weapon for your playstyle can be challenging. With so many weapons, knowing which ones are best for you can be difficult. If you’re having trouble deciding which weapon is best for you, consider the following tips.

  • First, think about your play style. Are you a close-range fighter who likes to get up close and personal with your enemies? Or are you a ranged fighter who prefers to keep your distance? Knowing your playstyle will help you narrow down your weapon choices.
  • Next, consider the monsters you’ll be fighting. Different weapons are better suited for different monsters. For example, the Great Sword is excellent for fighting giant monsters, while the Dual Blades are better for fighting more miniature monsters.
  • Finally, take into account the game mode you’ll be playing in. Some weapons are better suited for specific game modes than others. For example, the Long Sword is excellent for solo play, while the Gunlance is better for multiplayer.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Weapon for You

Tips for Finding the Perfect Weapon for You

Finding the perfect weapon for your playstyle can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect weapon for you:

Research the available weapons

Please read up on the stats and abilities of each weapon, and watch videos of people using them in action. This research will help you understand which weapons are best for your playstyle.

Try out different weapons. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different weapons and find out which ones you like the most.

Talk to other players

Ask other players for their opinions and advice. They may be able to give you some tips on which weapons are best for your playstyle.

Use a Monster Hunter World weapons tier list

A tier list can help you quickly identify which weapons are the best and which you should avoid.

Use the Lost Ark DPS Meter

The DPS Meter can help you compare your weapons to other players. You can see which ones are the most powerful.


Choosing the right weapon for your playstyle is essential in Monster Hunter World. Knowing which weapons are best for each situation and monster can give you an edge in battle. To help you out, we’ve put together a comprehensive Monster Hunter World weapons tier list to give you an idea of which weapons are the best.

We’ve also discussed some tips for finding the perfect weapon for you, such as resetting availably weaponizable, trying out different weapons, talking to other players, and using a Monster Hunter World weapons tier list and the Lost Ark DPS Meter.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list when it is released. The thewillset to be released in 202 will feature a new weapon tier list.

This Monster Hunter World weapons tier helped you find the perfect weapon for your play style.