7 Best Mini Chainsaws

7 Best Mini Chainsaws


Mini chainsaws are the perfect equipment for medium-yard maintenance like pruning. Most amateur woodcutting activities can always be carried out using a small chainsaw. Mini chainsaws may manage small logs and prune extended branches despite having a tiny chain bar of 8 to 15 inches.

They provide additional convenience, but not all chainsaws operate equivalently well. The finest tiny chainsaw would slice down logs without sacrificing your comfort, well-being, or productivity.

How can mini chainsaws be distinguished into different types?

Chainsaws are often classified as either gasoline- or electric-powered, depending on their power source.

Electric chainsaws are environmentally friendly and secure because they do not endanger the ecosystem. Additionally, there will be less gear needed, resulting in easier utilization and less upkeep. Almost all tiny chainsaws are operated by electricity, delivered via an extension cord or battery packs.

As the term suggests, gas-powered chainsaws are fuelled by the combustion of fossil fuels like gas or diesel. Despite harming the environment, they outperform electric ones when it comes to chopping wood since they work faster and much more efficiently. They are primarily employed for professional and massive tasks just because of that.

1. O-CONN 4-Inch Cordless Handheld Electric Chainsaw

O-CONN 4-Inch Cordless Handheld Electric Chainsaw

Performance efficiency

The O-CONN mini chainsaw uses a more potent pure copper motor and a 24V 2000mAh high-power battery. The 4-inch integrated guide plate and chain have strong wear resistance and endurance thanks to deep quenching and hardening. 

Operation mechanism 

The battery-operated chainsaw is already in place; all that is required is for you to turn the screws with the included wrench to change how tight they are before tightening them. Please be careful when tightening the chain; it is common for the chain to squeak after use. 

User’s safety and protection layers

This cordless mini chainsaw is fitted with a safety lock and safety baffle. To start it, you must simultaneously push the switch and the safety button, thus protecting your safety. Utilize it with more certainty and security thanks to the overload protection feature on the built-in control circuit board, which causes the motor to turn off immediately when it becomes too hot.

Design, ergonomics, and build

This portable chainsaw offers a lightweight, one-handed operation, a pleasant grip, anti-slip properties, shock absorption, and small dimensions. It weighs only 2.4 pounds (with a battery).

Accessories included in the kit 

The electric chainsaw includes:

  • Two batteries.
  • A carrying case.
  • Two chains (one of which needs to be installed first).
  • A charger.
  • One pair of gloves.
  • One nut driver.
  • One screwdriver.

The mini chainsaw set comes with every tool you could need. The carrying case is suitable for transporting all of your equipment effortlessly and without any difficulty.


  • Extremely lightweight for easy handling.
  • It is installed with a safety lock to prevent the accidental start of the saw.
  • The overload feature protects the engine from overheating.
  • Features shock absorption function. 


  • The safety switch is added on a side that seems inconvenient for left-handed users.

2. BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw

Performance efficiency and handling 

Light pruning is an excellent fit for the saw. Its lack of a cord, lightweight design, and maneuverability make it ideal for close-quarter cutting. The saw can easily cut through up to 5″ or 6″ (inches) thick branches.

Because it is battery-powered, it is perfect for camping vacations if you need to chop up some light firewood or use it around the house where the corded chainsaw cannot go. Due to its exceptional lightness, this saw is simple to start, handle, and use.

Bar and chain equipment 

An Oregon low kickback bar and chain measuring 10 inches long are included with the Black & Decker LCS1020. It’s an Oregon Micro-Lite chain. It comprises 40 links, 3/8″ (inch) spacing between each link, and a 0.043″ thickness. This size has the capacity to offer superior cutting to weight.


The chainsaw is incredibly lightweight since it is made of solid plastic and metal.

On the top of the rear, the handle is a lock-off button with a rubber covering that works in conjunction with the trigger switch to prevent unintentional starting. The rear handle also has protection to shield your left hand from flying objects and your right hand from flying debris.

On top of the device, where they are conveniently accessible, are the powerhead, oil cap, and oil priming light. When the oil reservoir is being filled, a translucent window on the tank helps prevent the chain oil from running out or spilling.


A 20v Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with a 2 amp hour capacity powers the LCS1020.


  • Fatigue is eliminated with a wide wrap-around grip for comfort.
  • Lightweight construction for ease of movement.
  • Method for tightening chains without tools for simple maintenance.
  • Without the need for cord extensions, a cordless Li-ion battery makes it easier to utilize equipment outside.
  • The oiling system ensures lubrication of the chain bar and the blade, keeping the temperature controlled simultaneously.
  • Excellent for cutting closely together in small places.


  • Not for cutting with great force.
  • Chain tension needs to be adjusted frequently since it tends to loosen up.



Machinery installed 

The tool provides enormous power while being sufficiently efficient, thanks to the brushless electric motor that powers the item.

The chainsaw’s brushless motor provides greater torque and excellent cutting capabilities.

It can easily pierce deeper timber logs and trunks because of the electric motor.

Efficiency and low kickback feature

Particularly in this Max XR variant, the kickback is negligible to nonexistent. Many robust technologies guarantee increased effectiveness while providing appropriate safety and protection.

You would enjoy chopping arbitrary trees or performing outdoor cutting tasks without experiencing harsh kickbacks.

Mechanism across bar and chain

The bar is just around 12″ (inches) in length and is composed of stainless steel. It is tough and robust, allowing it to cut through medium-thick timber logs.

Similar to how the chain is constructed, the sharp spikes make it simple for users to cut through wood logs and other wood-based products.

A mechanical oiler is also included with the chain. Once the oil window is filled, the chain will automatically lubricate itself as needed.

One of the standout characteristics of a chainsaw from Dewalt is toolless maintenance.

The right side of the tool has a toolless spinning knob that you may use to manage the chain’s tension effortlessly.

Lightweight and compact design

The Dewalt Max XR is just about 9 lbs heavy, with the battery still attached to the chainsaw. Many buyers choose this chainsaw because of its minimal weight, efficiency, power, and simultaneous portability, making it their first pick.

If you wish to remove some unwanted tree branches, you can even climb the tree while hanging this Dewalt chainsaw around your waist.

Battery performance

A 20V, 5Ah battery from Dewalt is provided as part of the whole small chainsaw package. The manufacturer of this mini chainsaw promises 40 cuts per charge under one condition: the battery must be the original one and not be changed at any stage. Comparatively to many other manufacturers, the battery draining is minor and uniformly tuned.

Safety protection and handling

A fully cushioned and wrapped handle that completely encircles the chainsaw is included.

Depending on your desire, the chainsaw may be operated vertically or horizontally.

Additionally, the equipment provides security and safety while in your control. The chainsaw has a chain brake and a safety button to prevent erroneous starts.


  • A durable and powerful brushless motor is installed which increases efficiency.
  • The bar and chain are constructed in a way that produces nearly no kickbacks.
  • Toolless maintenance is its highlighted feature. 
  • The chain break feature provides additional safety.


  • Unable to handle heavy-duty tasks.
  • A maximum of only 45-minute runtime without a break.

4. RLSOO Battery Powered 4-inch Mini Chainsaw

RLSOO Battery Powered 4-inch Mini Chainsaw

Because of its pure copper motor, the chainsaw produces power at an increased rate, and its two 24V batteries also support it. Its whole length is 13 inches, yet it barely weighs 2.4 pounds. 


The high-quality guide chain used in this rechargeable mini chainsaw was produced using cutting-edge techniques, which results in a smoother cutting action. The 224V high-power batteries and pure copper motor make it simple and quick to chop down a branch or log.

Safety and protection layers

Along with a safety lock button to prevent unintentional starting, the electric chainsaws come with an extra safety bezel to stop wood splashing. 

You must simultaneously push the switch and lock buttons to start the chainsaw. To protect your hands, a set of gloves has been created. Additionally, LED light has been incorporated for easy use in hazy areas.

Portability and easy to handle

The battery-operated chainsaw has a total length of about 13 inches and weighs around 2.4 lbs with the battery fitted. Its portable shape makes it pleasant to hold in hand and simple to operate, making it ideal for family and outdoor work. 

Women may operate it with ease as well. It is lightweight and convenient to transport and keep at home because it includes a portable toolbox.

Non – troublesome operation and installation 

The mini chainsaw has already been put together; all left is tightening the screw after adjusting the chain tension with the kit’s provided screwdriver. 

The battery can then be plugged in once the screw has been tightened. When not in use, keep the battery out of the electric chain saw for safety.


The RLSOO cordless chainsaw is popular in gardens, farms, parks, woods, pastures, orchards, and greenhouses because it is excellent for wood cutting, gardening trimming, tiny branch pruning, and bush pruning. It can cut through objects with a 10 cm maximum diameter.

Accessories included in the kit 

One little chainsaw, two batteries, two chains, one toolbox, a toolbox charger, one nut driver, one screwdriver, one brush, and one user manual are all included in the package.


  • The size is minimal and compact.
  • Little more than 9 lbs. In weight, including the battery.
  • 10 to 12″ wood logs are easily chopped.
  • Chain tension maintenance tool-free.
  • Convenient and simple operation.


  • Not as powerful as chainsaws powered by gas.
  • The chain could come loose when chopping, particularly heavy wood logs.
  • Unable to handle heavy tasks.

5. HAJACK Mini Chainsaw 6-Inch, Cordless Saw

HAJACK Mini Chainsaw 6-Inch, Cordless Saw

Power and capacity

This cordless chainsaw includes two 24V removable and rechargeable large-capacity lithium batteries with quick charging times, low power requirements, and simple installation. 

Additionally, a copper wire high-efficiency motor is there, giving your battery chainsaw more power, speed, and running time simultaneously, reducing wear and extending the life of the saw.

Performance efficiency 

With a diameter of more than 4 inches, the upgraded 6-inch mini chainsaw quickly and easily cuts down large tree limbs. High-quality guide chains with a deep quenching process are used in this electric chainsaw to produce smoother and more wear-resistant cuts. 

To prevent accidents, we have also prepared two spare chains. Our electric saw has a shorter cutting time and a higher cutting efficiency when compared to a 4-inch chain saw.

Accessories included in the kit 

One chainsaw, one lubricating oil, one oil brush, two spare chains, two batteries, one pair of gloves, one charger, one screwdriver, and one instruction manual are included in the package. Chainsaw accessories are kept in plastic boxes because they are sturdy and have a bigger capacity.

Reliability and safety protection 

In order to increase safety, our electric chainsaw comes with a safety bezel that can be used for emergency braking. The Switch Button and the Lock Button can be used together to prevent accidents and ensure user safety. The rubber handle is comfortable and not slippery.

Operation mechanism

It is now easier and safer for you to adjust, install, and lubricate the chain with the HAJACK updated handheld chainsaw’s oil bubble lubrication function and manual knob. The kit includes a manual that thoroughly explains the operation method.


  • The diameter allows it to cut through relatively thicker wood logs or branches.
  • Emergency stopping is possible with the safety bezel.
  • Lithium batteries are removable and rechargeable.
  • The batteries take less time to charge and consume less power.


  • Complaints of oil leakage have been received occasionally.
  • The gloves in the kit should have been leather made.

6. Kimo Mini Chainsaw

Kimo Mini Chainsaw

Design and construction

With a weight of about 2.3 lbs (without the battery) and an overall length of around 15 inches, this cordless 6-inch small chainsaw is a time and back saver extraordinaire. 

It is simple to use and control, even for novices. Unlike conventional giant saws, it can fit into small areas. It will be an excellent tool for working on ladders because of its small weight.

Portable and cordless

The 20V Lithium Ion Battery in the portable cordless chainsaw with battery and charger is strong and rechargeable, offering up to 30 minutes of operation. It has a battery indicator light that keeps you informed of the battery’s status.


It runs at a 13.2 ft/s very high chain speed saw, and all it takes to regulate the position is a bit of mild pressure to reduce wrist flexion. The pure copper motor’s direct-drive technology is solid and reliable thanks to optimization.

Tool-Free Installation 

Out of the box, this 6-inch cordless small chainsaw is practically ready for usage. The chain and saw may be readily fitted and removed without needing any equipment, so you won’t feel anxious using them. 

The KIMO tiny cordless chainsaw has a tool-free design and a comprehensive English manual with step-by-step pictures that make assembly as easy and fun as playing with Legos.

Safety and protection

100 rotating top guard baffles, a lock-off button, and rubberized, ergonomic handles are all included in the Triplex Security Protection KIMO updated tiny electric chainsaw for your safety. 

The rubber handle makes it more pleasant to grasp and simpler to manage, and the lock-off button dramatically aids in preventing the chain from accidentally engaging.

Accessories included in the kit 

In this kit, which includes a saw, a guide plate blade, a saw chain, a cover, a 2.0Ah battery, a charger, an oil bottle (oil is not included), and a screwdriver, you will find all you need.


  • Cutting is made more accessible and more effective with the assistance of a copper motor with direct drive.
  • It comes with a safety lock-off switch to stop unintentional starting.
  • It comes in a cordless style for optimal mobility when moving about the garden or yard.


  • The battery may not hold a charge for longer runtime.

7. Denqir Mini Chainsaw

Denqir Mini Chainsaw

Performance quality 

With a 550W pure copper motor, 21V batteries, and a top-notch guide chain thoroughly quenched to facilitate precise sawing, Denqir’s rechargeable mini chainsaw can chop down trees quickly and easily. (A log cut with a diameter of 3.93 to 5.91 inches.)

Battery performance

Two 2000mAh and fast-charged lithium battery packs are included with the Denqir high-power electric chainsaw, allowing you to work on one while the second is charged.

Safety and protection 

A low kickback bar and a secured screw for the spindle head are features of the portable cordless chainsaw that help to make it secure by preventing the chain from sliding out. 

A protection bezel has been installed to stop wood from splattering and safeguard the operator throughout the task that the saw kicks back. 

To prevent unintentional starts, the safety button should always be depressed simultaneously with the trigger of the running mini chainsaw and equipped with gloves and goggles that provide all-around shielding.

Operation portability

It is portable, simple to keep, and light enough to carry around. The body and battery weigh up to 2.62 lbs and are approximately 36.5 cm long. Even women may easily accommodate it with one hand and operate it.

Design and Ergonomics

The intuitive non-slip silica gel handles are made to suit your grip pleasantly while also providing a complete grasp. The pruning saw is fully equipped; to operate it, simply install the battery after using the accompanying screwdriver to tighten or loosen the chain.

Accessories included in the kit 

One Mini Chainsaw, one Toolbox, one Chain 4 inch (installed), one Chain 6 inch including a baseplate, and one Mini Chainsaw are available. Two batteries, a power adapter, a wrench, a screwdriver, gloves, eyewear, and an instruction booklet are included.


  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to operate.
  • Non-slip handles provide a firm grip.
  • The construction ensures portability.
  • It provides a runtime of about two hours.


  • Rechargeable batteries would demand a replacement within two or three years. 
  • Chains would also need to be replaced since extended use would damage them.


Most relatively small projects you have are great for mini chainsaws. Mini chainsaws fall into the category of residential applications, while others are designed primarily for professional and retail use. They are incredibly lightweight but simultaneously swift, precise, and promising.

Their substantial construction and strong motors provide load-bearing capacity that consumers often probably can’t find in many other power saws and significant cutting power in a compact design. 

They don’t work well for precise cuts, but if you really need a tool that will rapidly and efficiently chow down through the wood, they work well.

For whatever purpose you are searching for a mini chainsaw, the article above will surely be of assistance in helping you find one that would fulfill your requirements.