How to Reset AirPods?

How to Reset AirPods?

The utilization of earphones is becoming increasingly common, and the Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods Pro series provide the greatest wire-free earbuds you can discover. Sometimes your earphones start to sparkle a little bit more than usual. 

Then, you become dissatisfied with their function and believe that these AirPods should return to their normal capabilities. However, you don’t need to stress because you can easily reset your AirPods and your AirPods Pro. As a result, you will receive the best possible functionality from the earbuds.

When you are utilizing electronic gadgets, there will come a point when you are confronted with the problem of inadequate-performance electronics. And most people try to solve the issue by following the strategy of on and off, but eventually, there will come a point when this method is ineffective. 

Sometimes people just starting with earphones run into issues with resetting them. However, the next concern is how to reset the earbuds hard. Please do not get concerned or worried; we are here to offer assistance and find a solution to your problem. We have a comprehensive guide showing you how to reset your AirPods and AirPods Pro correctly. 

So, are you ready to experience error-free audio with AirPods pro resetting? Let’s start the learning trip on how to reset AirPods.

How do you reset AirPods?

Apple offers a straightforward and easy-to-use design structure. Because of this, resetting your AirPods or AirPods Pro is a simple process. The steps of resetting your AirPods are simple; all you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Place the Earbuds in the charging container.

Place the Earbuds in the charging container.
  • The initial action you can carry out is to put your AirPods into the available charging case. This technique of resetting will be the same for the Air Force Pro and the simple AirPods, regardless of which one you use to reset.
  • The next thing you can do is ensure that the case for your AirPods is completely shut. After closing the case, you must wait for around one minute or thirty seconds. This technology, recommended the industry experts, will enable the AirPods to be recharged even if one of the AirPods does not have a battery. It is strongly recommended that one adhere to this method.
  • Before beginning the method, you should always double-check that the battery in your charging case is wholly charged. You can reset your AirPods correctly if your charging case has enough charge.

2. Enable the AirPods and remove them from your device if they are paired.

When iOS 16 was released, Apple included a new sub-menu for Earbuds in the device’s Settings program. Furthermore, it supports AirPods and provides Customized Spherical Sound.

  1. Be sure to grab the Apple hardware that connects to your AirPods. Remove the cover from your AirPods for the iPhone product to be able to detect their presence. Afterward, go to your device’s Configuration.
  2. Suppose you are utilizing a cellphone with iOS 16 and have linked the AirPods at most first when you can use Apple’s wireless headphones. Specifically, you may access the AirPods section by clicking the tab underneath your iPhone. Just click the icon to update the settings. To customize your Earbuds, go to the settings menu and hit the blue “I” icon near your device’s name. Finally, select Erase this device from my account.
  3. The techniques outlined below will enable resetting the Earbuds even if you are operating an iPhone that still needs to install iOS 16.
    • Find your linked AirPods by selecting Bluetooth in Settings.
Find your linked AirPods by selecting Bluetooth in Settings.
  • Find the blue “I” icon in their profile and click it.
Find the blue “I” icon in their profile and click it.
  • To permanently delete all data from this device, select the corresponding option.
  • Once you’ve made up your mind, disconnect your AirPods from the iPhone and return to using them.

3. Perform a reset process.

Perform a reset process

Make sure the cover of the Earbuds box is open at all times. Find the status light so you can maintain a check upon that.

  • On later generations of AirPods, this indicator light you can see on the exterior of the housing; on the first version.
  • At this point, you should face the rear of the Earbuds and look for the key labeled “Setup.” Just under cover of the casing is a key that is round in shape and has an unclear line around it.
  • Keep your finger on the Configure icon until you sense a click. Maintain pressure on the key and regularly check the signal indicator on your power adapter, which could begin to flicker white. 
  • In about 15 seconds, the indicator will begin blinking red and eventually switch to white. You are free to release the lever that sets up the device whenever this occurs. The settings on the AirPods have indeed automatically cleared at this time.

4. Relink your AirPods to the iPhone.

Relink your AirPods to the iPhone.

You should now go ahead and get the Apple phone and return it into proximity to your AirPods even though they can reconnect. Maintain an open position for the cover of the power adapter for the Earbuds, and watch for the iPhone smartphone to start the setup process. The relinking or activating process will complete when you have finished the initial setup and paired the devices.

If you cannot reset your AirPods, what is your next option?

1. Give the case and your AirPods a thorough cleaning.

Give the case and your AirPods a thorough cleaning.

Sometimes tiny dirt particles are left on the AirPods and the shell they come in. These dirt particles might cause distortion and produce vocal difficulties. In addition, these particles are sometimes responsible for the disconnect between the charging case and the individual AirPods linked to it.As a direct consequence, the charging case will no longer detect the device correctly, and you will no longer be able to reset the device correctly.

You can easily cleanse your AirPods and their container using a cotton gauze cloth and a few Q-tips dipped in seventy percent rubbing alcohol, then wipe them down. Pay attention to the tip of an earbud as well as the interior of the power adapter.

It may be difficult for you to remove the dirt from the AirPods since the dirt may sometimes become quite hard. Then, you may use toothpicks to clean the AirPods, particularly if they have stubborn dirt. 

It is important to take caution when utilizing toothpicks with points to avoid scratching your AirPods, and you shouldn’t use them until the cover and the Earbuds themselves are fully clean.

Get in touch with the iPhone customer service line.

In case none of the techniques described above is successful for you, then the problem lies with your computer’s hardware. You need to talk about the hardware problem with the helpline’s support staff, which you may do by calling their number. Always mention the customer service line’s correct serial number of your AirPods so you may receive helpline assistance.

You might always visit the iPhone closest to home and request that one of their iPhone experts examine the products in question to determine whether or not they’re eligible for a repair and whether or not they are fully covered under a guarantee.


Any other product cannot match the simplicity that the AirPods provide in the industry. Resetting your AirPods may be just as simple as connecting them. 

You could quickly gain control of any situation if you knew how to think clearly and act decisively. Now you may listen to your slightly elevated audio in complete comfort and without experiencing any interruptions.

We hope that you found our tips helpful in resetting your AirPods without any problem. In addition, there is no question in your mind like “how to hard reset your AirPods” after reading the article. 

Leave a comment below, letting us know whether our suggestions helped you solve the problem or if you know of other, more effective approaches. We are willing to consider your ideas.