If you are wondering whether to buy an iPhone in 2022, there is a broad range to choose from. But, the majority is split into buying iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro. Both mobile phones are very similar. However, you will find some key differences when we closely compare iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro.

This guide will help you decide between buying iPhone 13 or 13 Pro while marking the ideal fit. Find out everything you need to know about iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.


iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro pricing launched on September 24, 2021. 

  1. iPhone 13 (128 GB) = $699
  2. iPhone 13 (256 GB) = $799
  3. iPhone 13 (512 GB) = $999
  4. iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) = $999
  5. iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB) = $1,099
  6. iPhone 13 Pro (512 GB) = $1,299

Unsurprisingly, iPhone 13 pro is more expensive than iPhone 13. But it gains several advantages and unique features that are worth your money.



The design of the iPhone 13 is not enormously different from iPhone 12 series. Size-wise they all are tiny and a bit thicker such as 0.30, while last year’s models are 0.29. Have a look at the detailed view of the design and sizes of the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 13 Size

  • 2.53 x 5.18 x 0.3 inches
  • 13 at 2.82 x 5.78 x 0.3 inches

iPhone 13 Pro Size

  • 3.07 x 6.33 x 0.3 inches

The list above clearly demonstrates no significant difference in size between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Regarding size, they are both the same.



Both phones offer a wide range of color choices. The iPhone 13 comes in a variety of six hues, while the iPhone 13 Pro comes in five.

iPhone 13 is available in 6 colors

  1. Pink
  2. Blue
  3. Midnight
  4. Starlight
  5. Product Red
  6. Green

iPhone 13 Pro is available in 5 colors

  1. Graphite
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Sierra Blue
  5. Alpine Green

Additionally, The iPhone 13 features a regular glass surface, and the iPhone 13 Pro sports a matte glass texture. Ultimately, there is not a significant enough difference between the two cell phones’ designs and cameras to make you want to buy the most recent model and choose the pro option.



iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro have 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screens. Similarly, with 1170 x 2532 resolutions. Ideally, iPhone 13 series uses the new addition of Apple’s Super Retina XDR OLED screens.

However, iPhone 13 Pro has 1,000 nits while iPhone 13 has only 800 nits under typical conditions. But they both have the power to hit 1,200 nits when viewing HDR content. It’s a peak level in HDR mode, with a hike of 28% in brightness.

The big difference between iPhone 13 and 13 Pro is the latter models come with a ProMotion display that has an adaptive refresh rate, allowing users to enjoy a speedy and responsive display. As a result, they can conserve battery life efficiently.

Both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max provide a high refresh rate. Nevertheless, not in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

In conclusion, the two most important differences between the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro displays are quicker response time and more brightness. To make a satisfying choice, you can compare both options side by side in an Apple shop.


When comparing the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro, the camera is what sets them apart. The bulk of iPhone users often place the greatest importance on the camera. Pro’s camera looks more stunning. 

This mobile phone’s ultra-wide camera supports the macro mode, which enables users to get a closer look at small things. Extreme close-ups are possible without encountering any issues with your previous iPhone 12 or 11 model.

The main sensor on the iPhone 13 Pro’s triple 12MP system can capture 47% more light than its predecessors. It sports a 6x optical zoom and a 15x digital zoom. 

The iPhone 13 Pro is a brand-new creation that outperforms the iPhone 13 and 12 series. Both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have advanced camera features, but iPhone 13 Pro is the perfect fit if you want the super advanced camera.

Video Quality

Video Quality

All iPhone 13 handsets can capture video at up to 4k and 60 frames per second. It offers a solid point-and-shoot performance. A new “cinematic” mode autofocuses on every small object. You can enjoy portrait video mode with more powerful results. But this mode works on 1080p videos.

In addition to the additional telephoto and cinematic camera, the iPhone 13 Pro provides the benefit of enabling ProRez. People who want more control over editing their videos but don’t want to clog up phone storage with uncompressed videos can benefit from Apple’s new high-quality lossy video compression.


Both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro comes with a Bionic chip, which offers moderate performance and advancements in contrast to the iPhone 12 models. Both mobile phones have the same chips. But the difference is that the GPU in iPhone 13 Pro is better than iPhone 13. As a result, users can enjoy improved performance and better video.

Additionally, the iPhone 13 Pro contains an A15 chip that adds 2GB of additional RAM, allowing you to use multiple apps and web browsing simultaneously without worrying about storage. Other than that, the iPhone 13 pro’s display features ProMotion technology, which offers refresh rates between 10Hz and 120Hz. 

Everyone can experience responsiveness. Although the iPhone 13 Pro is the first device to have such cutting-edge technology, some iPhone owners may not find it particularly intriguing.



The battery life on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro has significantly improved. Compared to their recent predecessors, both mobile phones feature larger batteries. Let’s compare the battery sizes of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, though.

The iPhone 13 comes with a 3240mAh battery, whereas the iPhone 13 Pro has a 3095mAh battery. It seems like an unfair deal, right? However, Apple has added some cutting-edge and smart variable refresh rates to the iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple claims that the iPhone 13’s battery lasts 19 hours of video playback, compared to 22 hours for the iPhone 13 Pro. But that just applies to watching videos. It stays 16% longer on the iPhone 13 Pro.

Consumers should generally choose a pro option if they frequently stream videos or wish to capture or edit photos on their iPhones. The superior choice and best fit for their needs would be the iPhone 13 Pro.


Storage options for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. However, the 1TB storage option on the iPhone 13 Pro is an interesting choice for customers who adore cameras. 

The 1TB storage capacity should be adequate for users who want to play more games, host a podcast, and shoot and edit more photos.

That’s why many people choose iPhone 13 pro when comparing iPhone 13 with iPhone 13 pro. 1TB sounds normal but has a huge space!

Final Verdict

All four iPhone 13 models are relatively different from one another and give you upgrades over their predecessors. But they have similarities to last year’s models, so there is no such tremendous transformation.

Both phones bring you better battery life, processors, and upgraded setups which is the primary requirement of each iPhone user. Our verdict is that iPhone 13 is a better option than iPhone 13 Pro. 

As we discussed above, it gives you similar features and the same look at cheaper prices. Then, why do you need to look for other options? 

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