Apple Share Focus Status

Apple Share Focus Status

Nowadays, the evolution in technology is so rapid and mind-blowing that we expect something extraordinary and out of the box in the next update and are eagerly waiting for it. 

Apple has managed to amaze its peers and users one more time with this revolutionary feature and upgrade in the Do Not Disturb feature named ‘Focus.’

In this article, we will satisfy your need to know how it is better than the previous Do Not Disturb mode and how it is a part of Share Focus Status in the iPhone. Also, you will learn What is Share Focus Status? And how to use it effectively.

What is Focus, and what does Share Focus Status mean?

What is Focus and what does Share Focus Status mean

Apple has introduced a new feature called ‘Focus’ in iOS 15, iPad 15, and macOS Monetary, merging Do Not Disturb with more options to better navigate notifications. 

We call this an ‘educated upgrade,’ as it allows the users to prioritize the apps and contacts to notify them by sound or showing it on the home and/or lock screen, as well as notifying the other user who is trying to communicate, that the user who they are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable and has the Focus mode on.

Another added benefit to using this feature is that it allows you to focus on the thing which is of utmost importance (like driving) without worrying about who might be calling or if it is an emergency call or text. However, up until now, this feature has been limited to iMessages only.

You must be wondering what share focus means and has to do with the Focus mode. Well, Focus is a program and has multiple functions. Let’s tell you how to take advantage of it.

Before we tell you how to turn it on some key points to keep in mind;

  • You should be signed in with an Apple ID.
  • Has the Two Factor Authentication been enabled?
  • The concerned device must be updated to iOS/iPad 15 or higher.
  • It works only on and with Apple devices.

Turn On Share Focus Status

Follow these steps to turn it on.

  • Open Settings.
  • Head over to Focus.
  • Select one of the presets (we will give you a brief about it later on) like DND, Work, Personal, etc.
Select one of the presets (we will give you a brief about it later on) like DND, Work, Personal, etc.
  • Head over to Focus Status.
  • Toggle on the Share Focus Status.
Toggle on the Share Focus Status.

*Now, users can see you have turned on the focus mode.

  • If you want to share it on your other devices on which you are signed in with your same Apple ID, just look below in the Focus section and tap the Share Across Devices toggle green. 
Toggle on the Share Focus Status.

While focus mode is designed to make sure you can concentrate on your work seamlessly, one question can come to your mind what if someone wants to deliver an important message? The Share Focus Status feature is there to keep the etiquette of the conversation. The user who wants to message you is going to see a message like this in the picture below;


This way, the other person (an iPhone user) can bypass the obstruction of Focus mode by having the option of Notify Anyway. At the same time, you will be tension-free, knowing that important people will only bypass it, and the notification will be super important and worthy of your precious attention.

The same thing can be done with the apps too. You can choose which apps can send you notifications during any Focus mode. If someone is abusing the option to bypass the focus mode, you can choose whom to show your status.

Messages give you this option in the settings of a conversation. Tap the contact’s name or photo at the top of the screen, and slide down to see the Share Focus Status bar and the button beside it. Tap it on or off to eliminate the possibility of distraction.


Let’s Talk About Presets

Focus mode comes with a predefined set of settings to help you in the given situation. To name a few, Do Not Disturb, Work, Sleep, Personal, Gaming, and Fitness are there, and you can also tweak them to your liking.

Automation of Focus Mode.

Automation of Focus Mode

Automation is just another reason to buy the iPhone. Apple has integrated automation into the Focus feature, also. You can automate any preset to multiple times, location (Yes! Location), and app-based schedule. 

As their name suggests, Gaming or Fitness presets of Focus launch automatically when you start a workout session or launch a game. Do you know you can create a custom Focus mode, cast them as per your requirements, and later delete it afterward if it has served its purpose?

Creating a Custom Focus.

It is fairly simple to create and name your Focus mode.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Focus.
  • Tap the + icon at the top right corner of the screen.
Tap the + icon at the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap on Custom, and then you will have to name it and choose an emoji or color for your Custom Focus
Tap on Custom and then you will have to name it and choose an emoji or color for your Custom Focus
  • Tap Next.
  • Add people you want who can get to you when this Custom Focus is on by pressing Add Person
Add people you want who can get to you when this Custom Focus is on by pressing Add Person
  • Hit Done after adding. As you can see in the picture, you can choose a group of people who are added in Favorites.
  • Tap the Allow selection, or you can choose to Allow None also.

*Note: Same steps can be taken for apps to allow them to send notifications.

  • You can make the apps Time-Sensitive, which means apps can send you time-sensitive notifications such as delivery alerts or calendars.
  • Hit Done once you are ready to deploy your Custom Focus.

Expanding the Custom Focus Mode

You can choose which Home Screen to appear on each Focus Mode or which app can show its badges on the Lock Screen. 

  • Open Settings
  • Select Focus.
  • Choose the Focus you want to adjust.
  • Tap Home Screen
Tap Home Screen
  • You may choose the Hide Notification Badges or Custom Pages to choose which notification to appear on the desired Home Screen.
  • Similarly, tap the Lock Screen.
Similarly, tap the Lock Screen
  • You can choose to make your screen black by turning on the Dim Lock Screen and/or selecting Show on Lock Screen to see the silent notifications.

Delete Custom Focus Mode

Select the Custom Focus Mode, tap on Delete Focus at the bottom, and confirm the deletion.

Delete Custom Focus Mode.

It’s Good to Have This Mode

Although its name is Focus, it allows you to concentrate and focus by suppressing distractions and keeping your Home and Lock Screen clutter-free. Providing you the surety of any important message not being missed and making the Custom Focus mode and synching it on your every device.