5 Best Headphone Stands

5 Best Headphone Stands

We can no longer leave home without our headphones since they have become an essential element of our daily lives. The primary challenge for many individuals is finding the ideal location to keep them when they’re unused.

Your headphones must be carefully protected from scratching and damage. To take things to a whole new level, you should utilize high-quality headphone stands and hangers.

The question now is which option would adequately suit a person’s needs.

The best ones have been picked and are discussed below, so you must read the rest of the article.

1. KAFRI RGB Headphone Stand

KAFRI RGB Headphone Stand

This headphone stand doubles as a connecting point in addition to serving as nothing more than a headphone stand. The 10-watt built-in portable charger would be the headset stand’s most distinctive feature, allowing you to charge your phone.

One can set the ideal mood with the help of RGB LED lighting. For that very same, it includes nine different illumination effects.

Its hardened plastic design assures fire resistance, all the while providing a variety of circuit protections. A 1.5 m detachable power cord is also available.

LED lighting effects

KAFRI RBG Headphone Stand allows users to choose between nine different lighting effects patterns and approximately 16.8 million color combinations to achieve the perfect playing experience. This headphone stand can be considered one of the coolest headphone stands owing to the LED lighting effects it produces.

Smart charging port (supports different devices)

It is efficient, straightforward, and convenient to be capable of recharging your iPhone 12 as well as an additional two USB-A devices without having to connect them to a power socket. 

It could also instantly identify your devices and give the optimum charging speed achievable, up to 2.4 amps for each port and 4 amps total.

Power socket outlets

Because of this outlet’s power supply, you can use it with devices including laptops, printers, Wireless speakers, lamps, the Xbox 360 One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. This AC socket has a 1250W maximum production.

Construction and safety

The device is incorporated with top-quality circuitry, a microchip, and its fire-resistant and solidified external plastic shell for sturdiness, helping ensure its protection. There is also no danger of wood combustible or metal contamination. 

Everything here is protected against overloading, short circuits, over-current, and many other charging problems by a multi-protection technology.

Accessories in the package

The following accessories are included in the package when you buy the KAFRI RGB headphone stand:

  • KAFRI Power Strip. 
  • One Port USB-C Charger. 
  • Two-Port USB-A Charger. 
  • Five-foot/1.5-meter removable Adapter Cable.

2. COZOO Under Desk Headset Holder

COZOO Under Desk Headset Holder

They have integrated ultra-fast charging technological advances, perfect for use in the workplace and at home. The external extension’s 4.0 amps output allows it to power three devices, including your tablets and smartphones, while operating at full capacity.

You will also be capable of showing as well as playing with your earphones at a greater level after a very simple installation. 

A complete device for all your needs

It can charge 3 gadgets simultaneously because it has 3 USB charging terminals with a collective power of 4A/20W. You wouldn’t even need to explore for extra equipment and products because this is a full system in itself. 

Under-Stand design and installation 

Two pairs of headsets can be held in these incredibly simple headset holders at once, keeping items from getting in the way but still within arm’s access. 

Additionally, the setup is trouble-free. Three USB interfaces and two AC plugs are available for your convenience. Even your laptops can also be charged here. 

Smart charging port (supports different devices)

For every one of the three USB-supported charging terminals, there must be a reasonable charging capacity of 2.4 amps.

Automatically detects your devices to offer the fastest charge velocity applicable of approximately 2.4 amps for each connection or 4 amps total.

Construction and safety

Plastic that had been strengthened and made to withstand fires was used to construct the whole thing, serving as its exterior shell. Its toughness has grown due to this outer surface. 

Additionally, this headphone stand includes quality circuitry and a microprocessor that has been built-in and UL-tested to guarantee the safety of the device.

3. EURPMASK PC Gaming Headset Headphones Stand

EURPMASK PC Gaming Headset Headphones Stand

Despite being so inexpensive, it performs just as effectively as alternative, more costly products, providing exceptional value. It has a hook architecture underneath the workbench that holds your headphones.

They can accommodate only one headphone at a time for the safe keeping of headphones, which is reasonable considering the cost.

Construction and design

To ensure the appropriate installation of the headphone holder on most desks, this headphone stand screws to surfaces that must be up to 37mm in thickness and 7mm in length. It includes a spring clamp that is extremely simple to take off and put back on the desk.

Rotation and adjustability of the headphone arms

This stand extends out for quick and easy access when necessary and swings just under the desk for concealed and unnoticeable storage.

Cable storing loop

It can secure the cord of your headphones, ensuring that they would not hang loose and get tangled in the legs of your desk chair.

Clamps with rubber pads

Each clamp ends feature secured rubber cushions to shield your workstation or table against damage. Furthermore, it shields metal, wooden, and glass tables and workstations against damage.

4. Avantree Aluminum Headphone Stand and Headset Hanger

Avantree Aluminum Headphone Stand and Headset Hanger

In addition to being strongly constructed and having excellent quality and reliability, it also includes a tray on the bottom, allowing housing the cord for your headphones. It does so by utilizing an above-the-desk architecture.

Featuring strong stability, the user may place one headphone at a single using this headset stand.

Construction and design

This innovative, trendy model has a durable steel frame and a silicone surface cushion and liberates up some room on your table while offering a firm base for your headsets.

Base carrier and stability

This headset holder is constructed with a silicone wire carrier at the base and is designed to accommodate your phone in a variety of settings without scratching or causing harm to it.

Where can this headphone stand be used?

This headphone hanger is ideal for maintaining the condition of your favorite headsets. Regardless of whether you place it on your desk at the office or next to your video game console in your house, this headphone stand is built to function for personal as well as professional use.

Compatibility and convenience

Our headset holder is best suited for headphones that are 4 cm at the headband and 25 cm tall. It is built with such remarkable quality that it can stand in compatibility against many other prominent and popular brands such as Beats, Sennheiser, Sony, Bose, AKG, etc.



The Razer Base Station V2 Chroma RGB Headset Stand is a hub that allows you to connect all the essential gaming accessories while also enhancing the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your arrangement. This USB hub, which also functions as more than just a game headset stand, is operated by Razer Chroma RGB and includes a new premium 3.5mm combo connector that enables 7.1 surround sound.

A 7.1 surround sound USB hub (user-friendly and easy to operate)

With the headset stand, users can make use of two additional USB 3.1 Superspeed ports for efficiency and better sound quality production from their gaming headphones. The 3.5mm combo port’s built-in DAC, which supports 7.1 surround sound, deserves recognition.

You may increase your connection capability by using the additional USB ports, whether they are for your headphones or another device. As previously indicated, the V2 provides two USB 3.1 Type-A connectors, putting incredible pace at your disposal.

The headset stands with a stable base


It features a stylish, metallic look, stands taller, allows you to hang and exhibit bigger headphones, and comes with a sturdy base to prevent tipping over or rolling when using it. The stand’s construction is solid, and the balanced bottom gives it extra stability so that your headset won’t cause it to wobble.

Personalization with Razer Chroma RGB 

You may customize it with 16.8 million colors and a variety of features, synchronize your system to witness interactive lighting effects that activate while you play your game, and then take pleasure in customizing it.


A headphone stand’s main advantage and goal is to shield your headsets against dirt and damage. Those covered in the context of the article would be doing the purpose while also being aesthetically pleasing and elegant on any desk.

Additionally, these keep your headsets secure and untangled while reducing workstation mess. Therefore, it is not entirely incorrect to suggest that you should provide your precious and expensive headphones in a safe place.